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Improved Sound with Ear Muffs for Oculus Quest 1

"Does this really work?!"

That was the question we had to answer for ourselves as soon as we saw this product.

The concept is simple (but dare we say brilliant?): just slide these pieces of silicone onto the sides of your Quest - an extremely easy installation - and immediately feel how the earmuffs reflect and guide the piped soundwaves from the headset over, around, and into your ears.

Now don't get us wrong. If you're hunting for the all-in, maxed-out, high-grade luxury headphone audio experience, this product certainly isn't it. But it does make a difference, with an added bonus of reducing sound leakage to people around you. 


  • Patented Original Design - Specially designed earmuffs for Oculus Quest that channel and amplify the sound directly to your ears with improved audio quality and better immersion.
  • Custom design that ensures a comfortable fit close to your ears without pressing against them. None of the discomfort and excess heat of full over ear headphones. Better for hygiene purposes than earbuds if you share a Quest with others.
  • Reduce Noise Leakage - Directing the speaker sound into your ears reduces the noise to people around you and lets you enjoy a more private VR experience.
  • Made of non-toxic and tasteless high-grade soft silicone. The durable lightweight material does not add any noticeable weight to the Quest. 
  • Easy To Use - Quick to install and remove, align the earmuffs to the side of Oculus Quest, then put it in, finally press it firmly from the end position to make sure it stays on tight.
  • Product includes 1 Pair Silicone Earmuffs by KIWI Design

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