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Red and Blue Colored Silicone Skins for Oculus Touch 1

Do you pick up the controllers in the wrong hand at least 50% of the time? We know we do! But no more, when you color code your controllers with these Beat Saber-licious red and blue silicone skins.

The controller skins were designed to be a perfect fit for the Oculus Touch controllers for Quest 1, with carefully cut holes in all the right places to not interfere with the controller functions in any way. The silicone rubber material also featers tiny bumps to provide friction and help hang on to your controllers when the action gets sweaty! Enclosing the infamous Touch battery hatch also stops it from dislodging mid-game.

This super-light product will not increase the controller weight noticeably and can easily be put on and taken off whenever necessary.

Product includes: 1 pair of silicone grips, including one red for the left side and one blue for the right side, i.e. colors to match your Beat Saber light sabers. If you prefer the same product in a plain black version, you can find it here:
Minimal Silicone Grip Skin for Oculus Touch

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