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White VR Stand for Oculus Headsets


Do you need somewhere to put your headset? Of course you do.

You can't wear that thing *all* the time!



That's why we proudly present this nice-looking VR headset stand in robust injection-molded white plastic with an attractive finish, perfect for the Oculus Quest 2. It also works great for Quest 1, Oculus Rift, Valve Index, and many other VR headsets. 

This product is easy to assemble and includes everything you need to get organized with a designated place for your headset. You can now put your Quest on a pedestal for all to gaze at reverently, while no doubt complimenting you on your impeccable sense of taste. 

This upgraded version features a new thicker and heavier base for even greater stability so that it definitely won't get toppled by your mighty Quest. A special-made hook on each side means you also have a great place to hang your Touch controllers. 

The stand is compatible with a wide range of other VR headsets as well, including Oculus Go, PSVR, HTC Vive and Pro, Vive Focus, Samsung Gear VR, and so on. However, the hooks for hanging the controllers may not be compatible with these other types of controllers. 

Product includes: 1 VR headset stand including controller hangers and 1 instruction manual. Headset and controllers are not included. 


This product is NOT available in Europe.

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