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Gun Grips for Quest 2 Controllers

  • More fun with a gun! Make blockbuster VR games like Pistol Whip, Superhot and Half-Life: Alyx more immersive with this gun grip for the Quest 2 controllers.
  • This brand-new pistol design blends in with the white color scheme of your Quest 2. These handles also add a little bit of extra weight, shifting the center of gravity forward and further helping with virtual immersion.
  • Easy assembly: everything you need is included.
  • Commercial use: a great way to add some spice to any VR arcade or gaming stream!
  • Product includes: 1 pair (left and right) gun grips. Controllers not included. Does NOT fit Quest 1 controllers. Length: 8 inch/20cm, Width: 1.6 inch/4cm, Height: 1 inch/2.5cm.

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