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Disposable face masks for VR headsets (100-pack)

  • This disposable face mask for VR headsets creates a layer over the user’s face, stopping the transfer of sweat, sebum, cosmetics and dirt.
  • The face mask has been designed to create the best possible fit for the Oculus Quest and Quest 2, but also works for just about any other headset out there. Individual fit may vary with different head size and shape, but we’ve found it to be compatible with most users on a variety of headsets. Ear loops hold the mask in place while the headset is off.
  • The durable, soft and breathable material is skin-friendly and does not cause irritation. It has also been tested to safeguard against harmful chemicals.
  • Highly recommended for commercial use! You don’t want your next customer to feel a headset that’s dripping wet from the sweat of your last user! If you are interested in bulk orders or customization, please contact us at
  • Product includes: 100 face masks in one small plastic bag. Mask measurements: 9x5 inches (23x12.6 cm)

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