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Face Pad Cover for Oculus Quest 2

  • A cover for the Quest 2 face pad that blocks light and doesn't soak up sweat! 
  • Instead of having your sweat absorbed by the foam, you can easily remove this silicone cover at any time. Quick and easy to clean!
  • This is NOT a replacement of the original face pad, instead this thin black silicone sleeve slips right over the face pad, without changing the fit, weight, or look of the device!
  • The cover retains the original fit for optimum field of view, while blocking the nose gap to essentially eliminate light leakage
  • Comfortable and durable: Made of skin-friendly silicone that does not cause irritation, but provides a comfortable touch that's safe and hygienic. 
  • Product includes: 1 silicone face pad sleeve.

Note: this product is for Oculus Quest 2 only! We also have a very similar product for Quest 1.

This product is not available in Europe.

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