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In-Ear Headphones for Oculus Quest 1

Maybe you don't want to disturb the people around you, or maybe you don't want to be disturbed! In any case, these headphones will give you much better sound than the built-in Quest speakers!
  • Separate left and right sound channel earphones let you hear direction and distance in 360 degrees.
  • Full range of sound from solid bass to finely tuned treble for all your Oculus Quest audio experiences, from heavy beats to light ambient sounds. 
  • Comes with small, medium and large earbuds to fit every ear.
  • Rated higher than the official Oculus Quest headphones  at half the price!
  • Product includes: 1 pair (left and right) earphones; 3 pairs of rubber earbuds; 2 lens cleaning cloths; 1 small satchel.
  • Not suitable for Quest 2

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