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Lens protector for Oculus (4-pack)

  • Similar to smartphone screen protectors, this soft protective film is cut into the exact shape of Oculus lenses – but flat rather than curved. 
  • Completely transparent material with negligible visual effect.
  • Easy to apply, but difficult to get "perfect"
  • Please read full review before buying this product!

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The Good

The lens protectors come in a set of 4, meaning you have extra if you feel it helps to reapply them, or if any one film has an issue, or you can even use one set on two headsets.

A small cleaning cloth is also included, but other cloths will do fine as well. Remember not to clean lenses with alcohol or other solvents.

The shape of the lens cover fits the Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, and even the Oculus Go. Each lens protector is sandwiched between two additional slices of film which are simply peeled off by pulling the tabs. 

The process of applying the lens cover is very easy and straightforward, the problem is in getting it to sit just right... 

The Not-so-good

There is one thing you must know before buying this product – the film is flat, while the lenses are curved. This means they are not a perfect fit for each other and, as far as we can tell, it is not possible to get the protector to sit absolutely perfectly on the lens. The film tends to rise slightly off the edge and you will likely get a couple of tiny bubbles. 

In our experience, this is annoying when you apply the product, but when you're actually playing VR, you're unlikely to notice any difference. We were able to avoid any bubbles in the middle of the lens where the player would be looking. Even in peripheral vision, it was extremely difficult to detect any difference created by the lens protector, even in a side-by-side comparison with one lens covered and the other not.


Oculus Quest with Lens Protector Oculus Quest Lens Cover bubbles closeup

Your results may vary, but we were surprised to find that a couple of bubbles didn't seem to have the detrimental effect we expected. Certainly, the end result must be better than if you ended up getting a scratch on the lens. Though we have to admit we've never tested scratching our lenses – not even in the name of science!

Nevertheless, we only want happy customers, so if you absolutely cannot tolerate any bubbles whatsoever, please don't buy this product.  

Our Take

We want to be clear that this is not a perfect product, but we were surprised how well it worked in spite of some imperfections and believe it can be useful for anyone who wants to make sure their lenses remain in pristine condition.