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Protector Frame for Oculus Touch Controllers

  • This protector is specially designed for the Oculus Touch controllers for Quest and Rift S.
  • Robust, light-weight plastic protects the controllers from any shocks it might realistically be subjected to without adding any significant weight to the controllers.
  • Does not block any buttons. 
  • Fairly easy to install and remove. 

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The Good

The protector really could save your controller if you smash it into a wall etc. Hell, it could even partially help protect your human hands if, like *ahem* some of the more clumsy members of our staff, you're liable to smash those too. The plastic is strong enough that we can't imagine breaking it unless you intentionally set out to do it. 

The Not-so-good

While the product is not difficult to install, it requires a certain amount of force and doesn't seem to achieve an absolutely perfect fit. As the protector ring mounts around the sensors in the Touch controller, it may also occasionally block signals at certain angles. 

Our Take

If your home is filled with violent children, or if you are particularly concerned about protecting your Touch controllers for any other reason, this product will do the job. But it's probably dispensable for many users.