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Magnetic Charging Stand for Oculus Quest 1

  • Charge and show off your Oculus Quest 1 headset with this patented original design that uses a magnetic type-C cable to automatically dock with your Quest when you put it down. 
  • Easy to Use: just plug in the charging stand and put the magnetic connector into your headset. The Quest will now charge automatically every time you put it down, never bother with plugging it in and out again! A couple of handy hangers take care of the controllers as well. Keep your space neat, tidy and spectacular. 
  • Quick Charging: the built-in smart chip supports quick charging that lets you fully charge your VR headset in two hours and ten minutes.
  • Compatible with Various VR Facial Pads: an adjustment button at the center of the stand can be adjusted to a different width in case you use a custom face pad. 


Note: this product is not available in Europe.

Note: this product is not a good combination with our battery pack for Oculus Quest which does not use magnetic charging. 

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