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NIVRANA™ Extra Akkupack für Oculus Quest

  • Bis zu 8 Stunden Spielen ohne Aufladen

  • Gegengewicht verbessert den Komfort enorm

  • Akkuhalter passt zu alle Kopfformen

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Bis zu 8 Stunden Spielen

Der Akku wird nie wieder leer, da der 10.000mAh-Akku insgesamt bis zu 8 Stunden ohne Aufladen bietet, wenn Sie mit einem voll aufgeladenen Quest beginnen.

Wenn Sie Ihre Quest mit leerem Akku starten, wird dieser während des Spiels wieder aufgeladen!

Machen Sie es sich mit Ihrer Oculus Quest bequem

Das Spielen in der VR über längere Zeiträume kann sehr unangenehm sein. Unser Akkupack behebt das Unbehagen, indem es als perfektes Gegengewicht fungiert, das Gewicht des frontlastigen Designs der Quest neu verteilt.

Die verbesserte Gewichtsverteilung entlastet Ihr Gesicht und schafft eine enorme Komfortverbesserung!

Leicht zu bedienen

Einfach die Tasten zusammendrücken und das mitgelieferte USB-Kabel einstecken. Schon sind Sie startklar!

Kostenloser Versand nach Deutschland

Lieferung aus Nordrhein-Westfalen in wenigen Tagen!


The 10,000 mAh external battery lets you keep playing for as long as you want! You get up to 8 whole hours without recharging, when you start playing with a fully charged Quest.

If you start with your Quest on empty, the battery will recharge it while you play!

Watch this YouTube reviewer play his Quest for 7 hours 45 minutes.


Playing VR for long periods can be seriously uncomfortable. Our battery pack fixes the discomfort by working as a perfect counterweight for the Oculus Quest.

The battery comes with a pouch made out of soft and flexible material to conform to your head as well as the Quest. Simply attach the pouch holding the battery to the back of your Quest headstrap. When you put your headset back on, you will immediately feel how the battery pack redistributes the weight from the front-heavy design of the Quest.

The result? 

The improved weight distribution relieves the pressure from your face and gives you a MASSIVE improvement in comfort!


Just snap the pouch buttons together and plug in the included USB cable.

You're good to go!


- if you do not feel our product gives you all the battery life you need...
- if you do not feel this is a MASSIVE improvement in comfort over the basic strap...
- if you are not completely  satisfied with the product for ANY reason...

... contact us within 90 days to return the product for a full refund!


Because of regulations barring batteries from air mail, this product is generally constrained to ground transport, which tends to take a bit longer, and also limits where we can send it. We apologize for the inconvenience!

- Deliveries to the continental US ship from our US warehouses and typically take 3-8 days. 
- Deliveries to Canada ship from our US warehouses and take 11 days on average.
- Deliveries to the UK and the rest of Europe ship from our warehouse in the Netherlands and usually arrives within a week.

This product is currently NOT  available in any other regions. 


Independent reviews

Sean Endicott

Android Central

A shockingly comfortable battery pack for the Oculus Quest

I'm adding the NIVRANA Battery Pack to our collection of the best accessories for the Oculus Quest...

The NIVRANA Battery Pack for Oculus Quest left a good first impression with its nice carrying case and packaging, and that positive impression remained throughout my review. The battery itself is compact and easy to charge, and the pouch that allows it to attach to the Oculus Quest is comfortable and cool to the touch.

The most noticeable difference is that the NIVRANA Battery Pack for Oculus Quest balances the front-heavy Oculus Quest. The front of the Oculus Quest didn't press against my face as much while I had the NIVRANA Battery Pack for Oculus Quest on. I'd leave the battery pack in place even if it was dead, simply to keep the balanced feel it provides.

Dr Oculus

YouTube reviewer

Fantastic presentation... the perfect weight for the Quest; really, really good... it's ridiculously comfortable... To me, part of the essential kit... if you want more battery and better balance, absolutely this thing. 100% go for it!


The NIVRANA Battery Pack increases your available battery capacity by 274% and lets you keep playing for up to 8 hours. No VR power bank is bigger than ours!

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